Saturday, January 08, 2005

To the Baricades.......


I came across these words and thought I would share them with you. They express a sentiment that I share much better than any paraphrase of them could.

Information Age education must be more than students typing reports using word processors or making PowerPoint presentations. The greatest challenge of the Information Age is the rapid pace of change brought about by digital technology. No matter what jobs our students will hold -- auto mechanic, medical doctor or a job yet to be created -- they must be able to keep up with changing technology. Success in the Information Age will be defined by the ability to learn how to learn.

To "learn how to learn," students must take charge of their education through direct exploration, expression and experience. A learning revolution is occurring with a technology-driven, student-centered teaching model emerging. This model is democratic, as students and teachers share responsibility for both teaching and learning. Though intellectually I have bought into this shifting paradigm, student-centered teaching is not what I'm accustomed to, is not what I prospered under and is not what I am good at. It is the major teaching dilemma which I and many of my fellow teachers currently face.

Revolutions are uncomfortable and often bloody. This learning revolution is no different. I can radically alter myself, my students' attitudes and my lesson designs so that I am at the forefront of the revolution or I can wait for the vanguard to pass and be a follower. As I believe "if you are not the lead dog the view never changes," I choose to lead.

Mari Clayton Glamser

Let the revolution begin...


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