Monday, July 11, 2005

Maybe it should be the Cell Phone Teacher

I started this Blog to talk about things that go on or should go in the laptop classroom. There really aren't that many classrooms that each student has a laptop in but there there are thousands where every student or almost every student has a cell phone. Maybe this Blog should become The Cell Phone Teacher.

Marc Prensky writes about how today's kids are different and how we need to engage them or we will lose them. ( Today's kids are wired. Robert MacMillian wrote a great column in the Washington Post The Kids are all Wired .The talk is all about cell phones and not computers.

Schools still for the most part forbid cell phone usage in the classroom, without doubt enraging kids everywhere. Apparantly Disney understands, much better than k-12 schools do, how cell phones engage kids. This article appeared in the Washington Post ,Connecting With Kids, Wirelessly:Disney Among Firms Pitching Cell Phones to the Younger Set. Give it a read.


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