Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Showing a teacher the Blog

I am excited today because I have a new teacher interested in blogging.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Summer readings

Selective Reading Suggestions-Summer 2005


August 8,2005--Everyone has trouble evaluating materials that they find in the library or on the web. There was a great article that I found on Stephens Downs' website on the subject. Evaluating Web Sites is a great article that really helps with the psuedo authority.

July 30, 2005--One of the hardest things that we do, is to evaluate our students, and to write letters of recommendation for them to colleges and other programs. This article takes an interesting position on confedentiality, that I would like to share with you. Evaluation and the Culture of Secrecy

July 12,2005--An entire highschool is going 100% electronic. Arizona High School throws out Textbooks

July 11,2005--There has been a of thinking about the uses of cell phones in schools. Here are a couple of articles from the Washington Post about kids and cell phones that just may start us thinking in unusual ways. Connecting with Kids Wirelessly:Disney Amoung Firms Pitching Cell Phones to Kids and The Kids Are All Wired

July 8,2005--We all talk about "the network" where we work and use it everyday. This article reviews the theoritical basis of networks and how they are used in all academic disciplines and in everyday life. There are network applications for all classes that this article may encourage you to explore. It is a bit technical but nothing you can't handle. If you would like to talk about these ideas or need some help with some of the technical concepts email me at nconstantine@stmarysannapolis.org. The Structure and Function of Complex Networks"

July 8, 2005--There is a significant decline in U.S. computer science graduates over the last 4 years. A call for more computer science in k-12 education makes some suggestions for schools.

Selective Reading Suggestions-May 2005

May 25, 2005--Here is a great article on Game-based learning from Stephen Downes.

So what do you think of mobile learning tools. Read Enabling Mobile Learning and let us all know what you thing with an email.

So your students are looking for images to perk up their power point presentations or you are seeking digital materials for your own preparation or web pages. The following article describes a wonderful resource at the New York Public Library.
Places to Go:New York Public Library Digital Gallery You can go directly to the digital gallery with this link: New York Public Library Digital Library

Here is an article about IMing in a classroom--in Law School. Reading it may alter you views on the subject, so be prepared--Law School IMing in class-4-14-2005

Study indicates Game playing improves academic performance-4-8-05

Open Source software and collaboration projects are making their presence felt on the Internet.
One of the greatest is Wikipedia, a collaborative self editing encyclopedia. Check it out!

More reasons to increase the state of e-learning here at St. Mary's.

The changing state of education in North America-03/28/05

So what do we need to do when we impliment a laptop program-Over-Plan, Over-Train. Over-Support! Here is a very interesting article that addresses these issues:


Here is a wonderful introduction to student centered teaching and hybrid style teaching (face to face in conjunction with a website.).--5/23/05

Introduction to hybrid student centered teaching

Conventional thinking sees computer games and cell phones as interferences and distractions in a K-12 school.Marc Prensky, a keynote speaker at National Educational Computing Conference in
Philadelphia this summer, has a powerful alternative view. Read his article:
"What Can You Learn from a Cell Phone:Almost Anything-5/21/05

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

For your desktop

I was going to write a post about the things that a laptop teacher/student (the roles are interchangeable in the true laptop classroom) should have on their desktop, but I haven't finished the list yet. However today I discovered Google Earth. You need to explore this......and put it on your desktop today. You can go anywhere in the world. This is an incredible tool. The only limits are imagination! Google Earth!