Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gaming is serious academic work!?!?

Happy Thanksgiving. Here are some interesting ideas to throw around while resting after dinner.

On creativity

"Creativity is dangerous. We cannot open ourselves to new insight without endangering the security of our prior assumptions. We cannot propose new ideas without risking disapproval and rejection. Creative achievement is the boldest initiative of mind, an adventure that takes its hero simultaneously to the rim of knowledge and the limits of propriety. Its pleasure is not the comfort of the safe harbor, but the thrill of reaching sail."
--Robert Grudin from The Grace of Great Things

On games and academic value

Video game design is not only big business these days but is becoming a recognized interdisciplinary major at over 100 colleges and universities across the country. These universities include Carnegie- Mellon, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California. The following article, "Video Games Are Their Major, So Don't Call Them
has some interesting insights. Give it a read.


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